Martin & David in Cornwall. Chapter Two

Now Kenneth is on his way via Harwich with all our instruments. The rest of the band is flying over to England tomorrow.
In the meantime David and I are having the time of our lives out on the Scilly Islands!
We spent the day at Tresco, visiting the Abbey Gardens with it’s famous collections of plants from all around the world. Since David and I don’t have the faintest interrest in flowers we mostly walked around saying -” Jenny and Lars should have been here now!” But they weren’t… So they didn’t get to see all that colourful beauty, they didn’t get to taste the best coffee with cake I’ve had in all my life (and I’ve had a few), they didn’t get to drink à Wrecker’s ale in the sun, and they didn’t get to power shop clothes in Hugh Town, St Mary’s either..
Life isn’t fair. That’s for sure 🙂
Tomorrow evening we’ll all mest up in the studio if all goes to plans, but before that David and has one more card to play, and it’s a real good one: A shipwreck and wildlife safari!!
Until tomorrow. /Martin


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