David and Martin in Cornwall, 1


David and I left for Cornwall two days before the rest of the band.

It did take a while. We travelled by plane-train-the London underground-train-plane and finally taxi. But now we’re here! Ready for two days of natural scenery before the work begins.

David did a couple of interresting things today: first he bought a book that he already had read…Then he tried to buy tickets for the suburb (I think he ment the subway…) Guess he’s saving his brain capacity for the album recording… Let’s hope so 🙂

At Gatwick we tried a LOT of After Shaves. The winner was Hugo Boss’ XY, the loosers were the poor people sitting close to us at the airplane..

OK. Time to go out and have a pint before it’s time for an early night. Tomorrow we’ll be up at 6.30 to fly out to the Scilly Islands. You can follow us there by continuing to read our blogs. More to

come 🙂

Martin in Cornwall



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