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We’re proud to let you know that “Safe Crossing” at the time of writing is No.1 on the Swedish Critcs’ list over best new albums! Here are some excerpts:

”Sandy Denny, the most vivid voice of the British folk rock scene is not dead, she lives in Sweden and her name is Jenny Schaub…Safe Crossing is like an exciting Pandora’s Box that gives you new experiences every time you hear it! ” (Kulturbloggen)
+++++ ”West of Eden is better than ever” (Hallandsposten)

”Certainly a top of the line genre set that doesn’t waste a note throughout. A folkie fan must” (Midwest Review)
”This recording would make an outstanding contribution to any folk-rock collection and should rightly take its position on your shelf of the genre…” (UK Folk)
” (Poplight)

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